Grounds and Yard Spring Fall Annual As Required
Drain outside water lines and hoses X X
Clean area wells, window wells, storm drains X X
Check driveways/sidewalks for cracks, yard for settlement and soil erosion X
Check safety and reversing mechanism on electric garage doors, adjust if needed X
Doors and Windows Spring Fall Annual As Required
Check doors, windows, and trim for finish failure X
Check glazed openings for loose putty X
Check for broken glass and damaged screens X
Check and lubricate window hardware X
Check weather-stripping for damage and tightness X X
Check caulking at doors, windows, all other openings and joints between dissimilar materials (i.e., wood and masonry) X X
Exterior Walls Spring Fall Annual As Required
Check masonry for cracks and loose joints X
Check painted surfaces for paint failure X
Check siding and trim for damage and decay X
Roof Spring Fall Annual As Required
Check for damaged or loose shingles, blistered roofing X
Check underside of roof, where accessible, for water stains or dampness X
Check for damaged flashing X
Check for damaged gutters, downspouts, hangers, strainers, and rust X
Clean gutters and downspouts X
Sweep debris from flat and low slope roofs X
Evaluate roof for future replacement X
Check vents, louvers, and chimney caps and housings for bird nests, etc. X X
Check fascia and soffit for paint failure and decay X
Check antenna buy wires and supports X
Check masonry chimneys X X
Interior Surfaces Spring Fall Annual As Required
Check all joints in ceramic tile, laminated plastic, and similar surfaces X X
Check grout around tubs, showers, and sinks X X
Floors Spring Fall Annual As Required
Check for wear and damage, particularly where one material meets another X
Evaluate replacement or refinishing X
Plumbing Spring Fall Annual As Required
Check flush valves, faucets, hose bibs, and supply and drainage piping, including those in basement and/or crawl space X
Check septic tank X
Check water heater X
Electrical System Spring Fall Annual As Required
Check condition of lamp cords, extension cords, and plugs. Replace at first sign of wear or damage X X
Check exposed wiring for damage and missing insulation. Have a certified electrician repair. Exposed wiring on outside of building should be reported to your service utility X
If fuses blow or breakers trip frequently, call an electrician to locate the cause and make repairs X
If you feel a slight shock or tingling from touching any appliance, disconnect it and make repairs X
Test ground fault circuit interrupters (GCFI’s) X X X
Clean or change any air filters X(min)
Clean dirt and dust from around furnace X X
Have heating and cooling system checked by a qualified service person X
Remove window air conditioners for winter X
Service humidifier and or dehumidifier X
Foundations and Basement Spring Fall Annual As Required
Inspect for signs of termite infestation X
Check grading to assure that water will drain away from foundation X
Check basement or crawl space for dampness and/or leakage following wet weather X
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It is very important to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly. Be sure to install fresh batteries twice a year.

Change furnace air filters every month of usage during the heating and cooling seasons. This will maintain component efficiency and prolong the useful life of your heating & cooling systems.

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